Thursday, 30 October 2014

Nice Korean Pop Songs That I enjoy

I really enjoy listening to music of any kind, but recently, I have become absolutely IN LOVE with Kpop.

Kpop is short for Korean Pop. It is a music genre originating from South Korea. Dance is a very important part of Kpop. Kpop groups would dance and sing when they perform their songs.

Unlike other singers from different parts of world, who simply need to sign a contract with a record company and debut, kpop artists would need to train for a long period of time before debuting. The most common timespan for training is two to three years, but some only need to train from a few months to up to ten years at most. It all depends on the trainee's music ability.

Singers/Groups That I Like

Bae Suzy- Commonly known by her stage name as Suzy, she is a South Korean singer and actress. Born in 1994 (Aged 19), she is quite young to be debuting at the age of 15. With her sweet smile and angelic voice, she has gained much love from fans around the globe and took on the name 'Nation's First Love'. With her rising popularity, Suzy burst her way up as #1 CF Queen, with over 15 different commercial endorsements in 2012 and surpassing Girls' Generation's (SNSD) Yoona. You go, girl!

She is also part of a Kpop girl group Miss A. 'A' stands for Asia, as there are 2 members who come from China (Fei and Jia) and one from the US (Min). There are a total of 4 members in Miss A (debuting under JYP Entertainment)
From left to right: Fei, Jia, Min, Suzy

I really like how clear Suzy's voice is and the fact that she has a really wide vocal range. Low notes? Easy pie! High notes? Ace it! Suzy's high notes are my particular favourites.
Hear her hit those high notes!

'A Goose's Dream', performed in the TV series 'Dream High'

I love her smile! She could also immediately put off a sexy image as well as return to her cute looks. It is proven from her predebut photos that no cosmetic surgery or any kind of procedure to change the way she looks was undertaken.

A South Korean 5-member multi-national girl group who debuted under SM Entertainment. They released their first debut single 'LA chA TA' in 2009.
            Debut MV :)

Victoria is the only Chinese member in the group and also takes up the role of their leader. Amber is a Taiwanese-American rapper in the group and an excellent dancer (to my oppinion) who stands out with her dance moves. Luna and Sulli are the Korean member along with Krystal, a Korean-American member. Luna is the main vocalist and Krystal as the lead vocalist.
From left to right: Sulli, Amber, Krystal, Victoria, Luna

They slowly started to gain popularity with their first extended play 'NU ABO'.

'F' stands for flower, a feminine item. '(x)' stands for the femal chromosome. I am so glad I knew this! At first, I thought 'f(x)' was just another meaningless name.

My favorite song from them is 'Danger' and 'Red Light'. Red Light is their lastest album released on July 7, 2014. Krystal is my favorite member! She is too cute and pretty to be real. Having been inherited her athletic genes from both parents makes up for her perfect physique. Her sister, Jessica, is a member of Girls' Generation. No plastic surgery has been done on Krystal.

However, my favorite vocalist would have to be Luna because she can reach notes that are quite high and is known for her wide range and various OSTs from TV series and films.
BTW, I love Luna's 'short hair' look for red light


A South Korean idol group who also debuted under JYP Entertainment, they are the 'older brothers' of Miss A. They debuted in 2008 with '10 Points out of 10'. The group consists of 6 members: Nichkhun (Thai-American), Jun. K (Korean), Taeyeon (Korean-American), Wooyoung (Korean), Junho (Korean), and Chansung (Korean).

My favourite member is NICHKHUN (Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul)!!!!!!! He is so cute and has a great personality. His legs are super long and slim and catch my eye everytime (This is a bit weird, but I have a leg obsession with guys). Even though he is not Korean and has debuted under a Korean group and in Korea, he tries very hard to improve his Korean.
       That smile :)                                                                                   No cute smiles? Then Fierce!

He is also fluent in English because he was born California and then moved back to Thailand at age 5. At age 12, he moved to New Zealand for a year and a half.

Favourite Songs

Crybaby - Shin Ji Hoon                          Kiss Kiss - Ladies' Code (RIP)
Hush - Miss A                                         What's Your Name - 4minute
Blacklist - Hyuna                                    Mr. Chu - A Pink
Red Light - f(x)                                        Sugar Free - T-Ara
1 minute 1 sec- Jiyeon                             Painful Love - Lee Min Ho

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New Phone: HTC One M8!!!

It's been a while since the last post I wrote, but I'm back! I just got a new phone and I will be reviewing it for you all! How amazing is that?

I was using Samsung Galaxy S3 before this new phone. I was not satisfied with the lagging and I felt that it was time to make a change. The 'driving mode' was always popping out all of a sudden and then the phone would not function whatsoever. I HATE THIS! I had to format my phone because of this once. I was afraid that my phone would shut down on me before I could save or backup anything from it.

I bought the new HTC One M8! Well, it's not really that new. It was released in March 2014 and is currently 5 months old since its release date. This is the best phone I have found on the market so far with a great front camera AND back camera. It looks very modern with its gunmetal grey colour.

Speakers: 10/10
I have to say, the speakers are absolutely fantastic. The double speakers on the front of the phone helps create louder volume for playing music and videos. The music sounds very 3D and seems as if it is surrounding you from all around. This is by far the BEST music playing phone I have ever encountered. Many of the other phones I have seen are either too quiet even when its its maximum volume or sounds as if its trying to burst your eardrums. I AM GETTING COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH THE SPEAKERS!

Keyboard: 5/10
It includes the swiping keyboard where you can swipe your fingers over the letter keys and produce the letter that you want to type. However, mine does not function. Additionally, the keyboard lags a tiny bit. This will be weird,

Screen/Display: 10/10
The display of HTC One M8 is fantastic! It is extremely clear and high quality. The colours are vibrant and distinct from each other. Even if the brightness is at its lowest, it is still quite bright.

Camera: 9.5/10
The back camera is very high quality and clear. Numerous filters are pre-installed into the phone itself and there is a dual camera for editing photos afterwards. The dual camera is for the focusing effect where you can blur other objects in the photograph while keeping others clear and highlighted. You can even adjust the brightness of the photo so that in brighter places, you can make the photo darker to balance the lighting and make photo brighter in darker places. I really like this feature.

The front camera is performs excellently compared to other phones currently market. Unlike other phones on the market which claims to have wide-angled selfie cameras, HTC One M8 ACTUALLY has a wide-angled camera perfect for group selfies. It is also high quality and produces HD photographs.

Much similar to Sony, there are also beauty applications that can used to edit photos such as eye enlarger, smoother skin, skin whitening, face slimming, anti-shine, etc. Stickers and picture frames can also be added. It does not have Sony's 'make-up edit', though these face touch ups are close enough.

Calling: 8/10
I figured the phone has really powerful speakers because don't worry, you can be heard even in very noisy places. Answering calls from someone else is very clear and loud as well. However, for some phone models, answering these calls can be a bit difficult to hear.

Instagram: Bad Point
I am not stating that Instagram is responsible for this, because my previous phone was capable of this. HTC One M8 does not allow double tapping on photos to like it. I have to press the like button. Apart from this, everything is still the same.

Other features:
- Hold onto the volume key and tilt the phone to unlock and open camera
- Double tap screen to wake it up
- Swipe upwards to unlock
- Swipe to the right side to open up news feed

Points for compliments:
- Unlike the S3, The HTC One M8 does not heat up easily when it is in use
- Extraodinary speakers
- Great screen display
- Long lasting battery life

Overall,this phone is an absolutely magnificent phone. I would extremely recommend this to my friends and family.