Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Chow Tai Fook x Lee Min Ho

As some of you might know, Chow Tai Fook has been collaborating with Lee Min Ho as its advertising star. Chow Tai Fook Jewellery is a jewellery retailer and is extremely popular in the Mandarin and Chinese-speaking world. Chow Tai Fook has over 2,000 retail outlets in mainland China.

Lee Min Ho is my FAVORITE korean idol and I know him from the Korean drama 'The Heirs'.

On the official CTF website, it says that if you type in a 100 word (English) little message to Lee Min Ho in the box provided, they will then send you a link of the behind the scenes shooting with Lee Min Ho AND a gift coupon for buying CTF's necklace that was specially designed for Lee Min Ho himself. To the whole process easier for you all how do not understand Chinese, here is the link to directly view the 40 second video.

周大福 x 李敏鎬系列 絕密花絮 :) Enjoy

If you want to complete the entire process yourself: 
There have been advertisements online from Chow Tai Fook. If you click on it, it will take you to a page with only one tab at the bottom that is available for you to click into. Scroll the bottom and fill in your message in the first box. Second box: your name that is displayed on your ID card. For the third box, fill in what you want to be shown as on the web (display name/username).

Next box; type in your phone number. Be sure to type your country code in the smaller box! To confirm that you are not computer, type in the number/code that is below the last unfilled box. Lastly, to finish off the procedure, tick both boxes at the bottom and click the red button. This will take you to a page that includes the coupon and youtube link. (Can't seem to find the link? Click on the picture that looks like a Youtube page!)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Airline Meals

We were learning about airline meals earlier today at school during Food Technology. I would like to share some interesting information that I have read online with you!

An airline meal is a meal served to passengers on board a flight. The first airline meal was served by Handley Page Transport, an airline company founded in 1919, to serve the London-Paris route. Passengers could choose from a selection of sandwiches and fruits.

Up until now, LSG Sky Chef is the industries most structured and large-scaled provider of airline catering services.

The type of food depends on the airline company itself and the class of travel. Airline dinner meals generally serve meat (chicken, fish, or beef), a salad or vegetable, a small bread roll with butter, and a dessert. Children's meals could also be purchased online when booking the flight tickets.
                           Airline meal                                                           Child meal                                                                                    
Religious meals (kosher, Hindu), vegetarian/vegan diets, and medical diets are also served. For Islamic airlines such as Iran Air and Malaysia Airlines, pork and alcohol would not be served as Islamic traditions do not allow any of such foods. However, alcohol can be served upon the request from the passenger.

During morning flights, continental breakfast would be served; traditional pancakes, fried eggs, and fruit and pastry by the side. Coffee, tea, and juice are offered and sometimes, (varying with airline company) hot chocolate as well.

Some airline companies use metal cutlery but with the outbreak of SARS during 2003, most airlines have stopped using them as the disease can be easily transmitted. A large quantity of the airlines today use plastic cutlery that can be disposed immediately after use but others have once again reversed back to metal ones after the SARS outbreak.

Airline meals are to be cooked ten hours before take-off. Chicken would be cooked to 60% and beef to 30%. They will be loaded onto the plane and then put into a convection ovens for twenty minutes where hot, dry air would be blasted over the food to reheat it. Open-flamed grill ovens are not allowed on air-flights. Newer planes might own steam ovens which are better at keeping the food moist.

Meals on the plane would be more heavily salted and spiced as our taste buds are MIA* on the plane due to high altitudes. The lack of humidity on the plane and air conditioning would dry out our noses which loses 1/3 of our sense. Moreover, the air in the cabin is recycled every two to three minutes and plays a part in making us feel more thirsty.

Fun Fact: Have you every ordered tomato juice on a flight? Try it next time! An observation shows that many people seem to order tomato juice on the plane. The extra acidity of the juice seems to taste nice at high altitudes to our numbed taste buds.

Figures show that most people think that only ice-cream taste the same as it does on normal sea levels. However, the packaging, freezing, drying and storage are hard to manipulate any flavour at any altitude, let alone 30,000 feet.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Stars Who Look the Same: Eun-Ji (A Pink) and Jinny Wu (吴若希)

As you would have known from my last post, I have become really interested in Korean Pop music recently. I have noticed that Eun-Ji from A Pink looks extremely alike with Canto singer Jinny Wu.

Jinny Wu                                          Jeon Eun-Ji

Some people said that Jinny got plastic surgery and that she aborted before when she was in her teens. Some even accuse her of faking her age (Born 1992, aged 22)!

What do you think?