Thursday, 28 February 2013

Blog Challenge #7

What's the best and worst thing about being your age?

At my age, many things occur. Things like puberty and middle school. The worst thing about being eleven is that you start puberty and your boobs get bigger. It's pretty embarrassing, especially when you have swimming for PE. At my primary school, there aren't many showers in the changing room so my friends and I usually shower together. There was once when a girl who kept saying in the shower, "Vivien, your boobs are soooo big! Hello?! They're soooo big, man!" Plus, you start to think more about boys at eleven. Whenever I talk to a boy in class, at least one student would say, "Stop flirting and get on with your work." Also, one of my friends would sometimes say, "Hey, so and so are flirting with you. Can't you see!" It's so embarrassing.

However, bad things always comes with good ones. The good thing is that at eleven, you start middle school at my school already. You won't be embarrassed if you don't know where to go or if you get lost because everyone is in the first year of middle school and it's fine, especially if you're new. Everyone's finding their way through year 7. Being a year 7 student is great.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Blog Challenge #6

What is your phobia/fear?

Everyone has fears, otherwise known as phobias. My phobia is actually pretty funny. I've had this phobia already since kindergarten. When I see one of my friends that are older than me at school, I usually think of saying hello to them. Everyone does, it's kind of like an instinct, to say hello to a friend you see. However, before I say hello, I have to think first. For example, A is my friend and B is my friend's friend that I don't know. When A is with one of his/her B's and I say hi to A, A would make this face at me as if he/she is really annoyed with me even if A doesn't do that normally. To make it even worst, B would make a face also and say "Ugh!" and roll her/his eyes at me which I hate people doing. Then, after I turn around, A and B would whisper at each other. I don't know if A and B is whispering about me but I bet they are and even though I've turned around, I know they're whispering. In other words, I don't have the guts to say hi.

This might have happened to you when you were still at school or even now. Maybe some people also have a phobia of this happening. Phobias could last for a lifetime and this one could probably scare me forever.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Haiku Poetry

Chinese New Year

Carrot cakes so sweet
People’s clothes so brightly red
Everyone so gay*

*Gay : Happy

Blog Challenge #5

Write about your favorite singer

I bet everybody has a favorite singer, including me! My favorite singer is a Hong Kong singer named Ivana Wong, 王菀之. She was born in June 18, 1979 (aged 33) and is a Cantonese pop singer and song-writer. I like her because her voice is very clear and it sounds like a little girl is singing. Her voice is actually pretty high-pitched. Her latest television program is "Inbound Troubles" (老表 你好嘢). I really like this TV program because it is very humorous. My favorite song of hers is "I'm Really Hurt" (我真的受傷了). She wrote this song herself for "Inbound Troubles" (老表 你好嘢) because there is a part in the movie where she is acting to be ditched by her boyfriend. 

Ivana Wong is a very good singer and actress and I enjoy listening to her songs and watching her films on the big TV screen. 

(I'm Really Hurt)