Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ocean Park VS Disneyland

Hong Kong has two major themeparks. Ocean park and Disneyland. I am going to introduce both of them to you!

Ocean Park is a theme park based on sea animals and rides, that's why it's called Ocean Park! However, none of the rides are interpreted with sea animals. There are many rides, including the cable car, Hair Raiser(roller coaster), carnival games, etc. The rides in the Ocean Park are more for teenagers than youngsters. It is Ocean Park, so there must be animal exhibits. Many of them give you useful facts on each animal. Plus, people there vary from ages 9 to 99, so it's basically for everyone. Like every theme park, there are some new rides once in awhile. Everything there is very exciting, especially at Halloween! Every staff member's  makeup is so scary! It would totally freak you out! It is very profitable because you have a better experience in what "fun" means and it's pretty cheap, $280 for an adult and $140 for children. A great idea if you're traveling to Hong Kong.

Disneyland is more for immature children because everything is based on Disney characters, probably for ages 2-8. There are only new rides for about every 2 years, so pretty much everything stays the same. Many children would probably consider it heaven for them because they make it like a very big castle. There are parades during the day and fireworks at night. Halloween is absolutely not scary there, so very good for children. It is a bit more expensive than Ocean Park, $399 for adults and $285 for children. If you've been to the Disneyland in America, this Disneyland would seem much smaller with fewer rides.

If it were me, I would choose Ocean Park because of my age. For my parents, maybe they would prefer Disneyland more because it's very child-friendly. Either way, come visit Hong Kong and don't forget to visit both parks!

Blog Challenge #4

Write about somebody whom you admire.

Many people have their own idols, so do I! My idol is not very popular nowadays but I still like him. He is...Leonardo DiCaprio! I've watched the movie "Titanic" a bazillion times, so I absolutely adore him! I know he is kinda fat now that he's old, but the Leonardo I admire is the 1999 Leonardo DiCaprio. It's not ONLY because he's handsome, it's because I love the tone and accent of his voice too! When he talks, it seems like your heart is being sucked into his eyes. Those beautiful eyes! 

Even though I might not be that fond of him as time passes, for now I still enjoy watching him on the big screen! 

Friday, 25 January 2013

My Favorite Book

Reading is probably what most kids hate to do, but I am the completely different. I LOVE READING! It is what I'd do in my free time, but obviously, I am not so obssesive that I'd bring a book on my vacation.

My recent favorite author is Jody Picoult, so I'd usually buy books written by her. I would definetly recommend Nineteen Minutes and Handle with Care both by Jody Picoult. Nineteen Minutes is about a boy going to school with a gun instead of textbooks and killing ten people in nineteen minutes. Nineteen Minutes is an absolute page-turner but very intimidating and agressive. Handle with Care is about a girl with OI(osteogenisis imperfecta) which is a disease that causes brittle bones. This disease is crippling the family. Handle with Care is also beyond any doubt, a page-turner. It is a very good book with a sad ending.


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Blog Challenge #3

If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

Many people wish for superpowers, but I'm not that impressed with superpowers. Awkwardly, I just want to be my normal self, but if I did have one, then I would want the ability to fly because we have to walk a lot of stairs at school. As you know, it's very exhausting walking up and down for approximately 2 hours a day. Sometimes, I'm kind of jealous of my friends because their classroom is on the first floor and mine is on the fifth. I have to walk up to the fifth floor for two times a day, which already adds up to walking ten floors. So do some math, how many floors would I have to walk everyday for four periods?

Now that you know what superpower I want, what superpower do you want? Are you longing for one?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

My Goals for 2013 and Beyond

A new year, a fresh start. I am trying to make a few goals for myself this year. The long term goals are available for the next 3-5 years, and the short term goals for 9-12 months.

Long Term Goals:
-lose weight
-be able to get Facebook
-exercise more
-get a new MacBook
-get a bank account
-be able to save 2 million dollars

Short Term Goals:
-get better grades in history, I will participate more in class by asking and answering questions
-read books a bit faster, I will let myself read on and on and build my stamina
-read 9 books(400 pg)/year, I will provide more time to read on holidays
-cut my hair to should-length in summer
-get a good mark in piano exam, by practicing longer

I hope I can achieve my goals this year. What are your goals for 2013?

Blog Challenge #2

Tell me the best, the worst and the most boring part of your week.

Every day of my week is very precious, but some of them are very uninteresting too. Let me tell you all about them.

Monday-piano lesson, also known as “the worst day ever”. I usually go out on Sundays and wouldn’t have time to practice piano so I don’t remember anything I’ve practice for the week! Tuesday-math class. The math class I go to is Kumon and all I ever do there is hold my pen, scribble a few numbers, erase everything I’ve done, scribble a few numbers and again, and erase everything I’ve done. Going to Kumon is sometimes frustrating because I can’t get the right answer even though I’ve checked a billion times! Friday-the best day ever! My last period in school is Chinese, which is the easiest class ever. I also get to go to guitar lessons. I love guitar lessons because first, I love guitar, second, the teacher’s really kind and last, I love it when he farts because he pretends nothing happened!

Every day in my week means a lot to me, even though some of them are great and some of them aren’t as great!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Trip to Bangkok 2012

Last week, my family and I went to Bangkok for Christmas. We ate much delicious food and went sightseeing all the time. Here's a little bit of what I experienced during my trip. . .

See: Palaces, floating market, greenish water, cartoon on the airplane, our fat taxi driver, golden walls of grand palace, spire domes of palaces, statues in the palace, golden painted murals on the walls of the palace

Hear: People shouting in market, loud Thai, music on my mom’s phone, honking of cars in traffic jam, roaring of motorcycles

Taste: Barbecue, mango with sticky rice, rice crackers, potato chips, Pad Thai, American fried rice, curry crab, mango smoothie, shark’s fin, coconut juice.

Smell: Singha beer from my brother, smoke from the barbecue, exhaust from boats, spicy curry, chlorine from the swimming pool

Feel: The hot sun, cold cola in my mouth, itchy rash from the swimming pool, happy to be with my family, bored from the many palaces, interested in thai food, sleepy from staying up late,
Mango/sticky rice
Spires domes of palaces
American fried rice
Mango smoothie
Curry crab