Thursday, 4 June 2015

How To Save Energy

Hope you like it :) I used the website called Canva to create this poster! Just realized how much I love it! 


As you might have noticed, a new function has been added to our blog for a change! The music bar! This is located at the top of the page and the triangular symbol is equivalent to the play and pause button. If you want to view the entire playlist, just click the icon on the right with a few lines (the playlist is on shuffle).

Most of the songs that I added are Korean songs, but I'll try to add a wider variety of languages of songs to suite viewers from different parts of the world!

Comment if you want to share with me any of your favorite songs! I might be able to put them into our playlist :)

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Big Bang: Bang Bang Bang! 뱅뱅뱅!

As I've mentioned before, Big Bang will release a new song on the first of every month from May until August, where they would showcase their entire 'MADE' album to their fans. Well, they released their two new songs just 2 days ago with the title of 'BANG BANG BANG' and 'We Like 2 Party'! Yes!!!

They uploaded their 'BANG BANG BANG' music video at 12:00 am (KST). I really like this song!!! (Did you know they described this song as being similar to their song 'Fantastic Baby'? The first two songs 'Bae Bae' and 'Loser' were only a 'side-dish' where as 'BANG BANG BANG' is considered to be the 'main-dish' of their full album... Interesting....)

'We Like 2 Party' did not have a music video of its own, but the audio is here! I expected it be a quick-tempo-ed song... 

I didn't really get the idea of this part... WHY IS THE GIRL ON A DOG LEASH PULLED BY G-DRAGON?!

So... Taeyang is STILL shirtless, as always, with some other guys who are shirtless AS WELL...

For some reason, Seungri has become my bias (along with T.O.P.) HE LOOKS SO MASCULINE HERE and he looks SO much better with blonde hair. Good job, Seungri!!! :)