Friday, 25 January 2013

My Favorite Book

Reading is probably what most kids hate to do, but I am the completely different. I LOVE READING! It is what I'd do in my free time, but obviously, I am not so obssesive that I'd bring a book on my vacation.

My recent favorite author is Jody Picoult, so I'd usually buy books written by her. I would definetly recommend Nineteen Minutes and Handle with Care both by Jody Picoult. Nineteen Minutes is about a boy going to school with a gun instead of textbooks and killing ten people in nineteen minutes. Nineteen Minutes is an absolute page-turner but very intimidating and agressive. Handle with Care is about a girl with OI(osteogenisis imperfecta) which is a disease that causes brittle bones. This disease is crippling the family. Handle with Care is also beyond any doubt, a page-turner. It is a very good book with a sad ending.



  1. Thanks for sharing about your favorite author Vivien. The content in those books sounds pretty heavy, I remember when you used to read Dr. Seuss books (: