Thursday, 27 March 2014

Book Series- Gone

'Gone' by Michael Grant is a very popular book series amongst adolescents and teenagers between the ages of 11-16. Why did I start reader this series? Well, all my friends started reading it and they said that I'd enjoy it, so I started it. The good thing is that all the books are in my school library!

Everyone in Perdido Beach, California, over the age of fifteen suddenly disappear. Whoever has their fifteenth birthday 'pooNo adults in town to take over, Perdido Beach soon becomes a chaos with kids running around, scared to death. Sam, otherwise known as School Bus Sam, becomes the bravest boy. Everyone goes running to him, asking him what is happening. What will Sam do to keep the town calm?


There's the bad guys and the good guys here, so it is a good book! I am currently on the third book, Lies, and it is such a page-turner! I would definitely recommend this book! I am sooo hoping it is going to be made into a movie someday!

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