Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Adventures in Baking

I've already started my summer holiday, so I decided to do some baking! Baking can be lots of fun, so let me take you on my baking journey!

Baking is not really popular in Asia, so I don't have ALL the tools I need including a stand/hand mixer, vanilla extract, loaf pans, measuring spoons/cups, electric scale, etc.

Scones were my first "bake-it-myself" recipe that I did. Scones are an English afternoon snack that most British people serve with tea. It should have a crispy surface and soft bread-like inside. 

I bet you would laugh at this, but I accidentally added an egg into the dough, so the dough became very sticky and wet. Eventually, I had to grab the sticky dough with my hands and plop them onto the baking sheet instead of cutting them out with a cookie cutter...

The second recipe, which is the one I've baked with my best friend and was baked most recently, is the chewy chocolate chip cookie! Everyone likes easy recipes that produce great food, so if you are that kind of person, this is the perfect recipe for you! 

This is the link to the recipe that I used This recipe shows you how to make M&M cookies, but my friend and I thought that this recipe might make a good chewy cookie, so we used chocolate chips instead of M&M's.

Joy of Baking is a great YouTube channel that demonstrates a lot of different recipes for those of you out there that love to bake too! I've been watching this channel's videos for forever and they never bore me down!

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