Thursday, 13 June 2013


I love ballet. Ballet is my life. I've been dancing since I was 3 years old!

Though I know I'm not the sort of person that is really flexible and would be a successful ballerina, I try to be better than anyone in my ballet class. I try to be a better ballet dancer!

I've been stretching more than usual lately. In fact, a lot more. I get most inspiration from ballet dancers who upload photos of themselves stretching onto Instagram or just from the internet.

My favorite stretch is the scorpion and the needle pose. This stretch requires a high level of flexibility, so I haven't really mastered it yet, though I could kind of do it. However, I could get the scorpion pose! (Left - scorpion / Middle - needle / Right - Me doing scorpion)  
Sorry it's twisted
For those of you out there who dance ballet too, please begin to acknowledge this, stretching today is better than tomorrow. I believe that stretching is really difficult for me because (1) I'm not naturally flexible and (2) I wasn't willing to stretch when I was young, so it's harder for me to now.

I try my best in everything that links with ballet, including exams. I get distinctions in every ballet exam.

Ballet is a life-long experience of pain, beauty, and enjoyment. You can't just stop all of a sudden and decide to quit! Ballet takes a long time to master successfully, but would let you know what real happiness and gracefulness is.

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