Tuesday, 4 June 2013


The drink I love MOST in Starbucks is Chocolate Chip Cream. For those of you who do not live in my area, Chocolate Chip Cream is a chocolate slushy with chocolate chips added. You can choose to have the cream on or not, but I always have it on because I think the cream is the best part of the drink! They also squirt chocolate jam on top of the cream.

I've starting to drink cold chocolate more occasionally recently because at my new school, there is a coffee shop where as at primary school, there is none. There have been compliments on Starbucks's Chocolate Chip Cream from my friends so I decided to try it out. Now I can't stop buying it! It is really hard to resist it because there is a Starbucks shop near where I live...

I have always wanted to try the Chocolate Chip Frappe because I love chocolate, but then I'm really scared that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night after I drink it. Please tell me if it is caffeinated because I am desperate to know! 

Do you like any drink from Starbucks? I know that it's mostly adults who drink Starbucks but I still love it a lot! Comment which drink you LOVE from Starbucks for me please!

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  1. The Egg Nog Cappuccino is amazing! Bu the chocolate chip is awesome too!