Friday, 7 June 2013

Warm Bodies

Warm bodies is a movie about the romance of R (Nicholas Hoult), a brain-eating zombie, and Julie (Teresa Palmer).

An apocalypse has turned the world upside down. The disease has transformed many humans into terrible zombies that eat people. If you get bitten by a zombie, you become one.

When R and other zombies rush into a science lab to eat people, he sees Julie, and immediately falls in love with he.

R brings Julie back "home" which is basically the local airport, and keeps her with him. As both fall in love, R's heart starts up again...

Their love has affected the other zombie's, starting their dead hearts again too and turning them from zombies, back to human again!

The amazing journey of their unconditional love for each other is absolutely fascinating. It has been rated with  4 stars! I would totally recommend it. (By the way, I've watched it again and again for like 5 times and I don't even get bored...)

Remember, everything starts out a little scary...

"You've started something, and it's affecting the others too..."(Warm Bodies)



  1. Sorry Vivien, looks too scary for me (and you're not going to convince me otherwise (: