Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Things to Remember When Going to France

I just had french class on Monday, and my VERY "lovable" teacher told our class some things to remember when going ANYWHERE in France.

- Learn this: Je suis désolé  (Zheu-swee-deu-so-lee)
It means I'm sorry. You always have to say sorry, even when just buying a metro ticket because because of you, you're making them work more and waste more time on you... (Very weird, I KNOW)

- Learn this: excusez-moi (euk-scoo-zee-mua)
It means excuse me. Use it whenever you need to...  :)

- Always stand on the right hand side of the elevators or else some people will push you away

- Don't talk very loudly on the phone in the metro or even the restaurant because someone would tell you to get out because they wouldn't want to hear all about your life

Remember these points and you'll have a fantastic trip to France :) Have a nice day!


  1. I have been to France and this is very true!

    1. Yay! How was your trip? Where did you go? Please tell me ALL about it! I'm sooo curious!