Thursday, 27 February 2014

Secret Title (Shhhh :)

Well, everyone my age has a crush. EVERYONE. So don't you go like, 'Ohmagod, she's so young and she's starting to LOVE somebody.' No, so SHUSH! I don't particularly LOVE that person like I'd DIE for him but I feel like he particularly stands out in my class, well, among the boys at least. It's NOT because he's good-looking or something, 'cause he isn't! I feel guilty now for saying that, it sounds like he's ugly...

I don't really know why I like him. I think I really like the way Nicholas Tse answers it when he has to do interviews and people ask him this. He says that you can't really like a person because of his/her factors, because, for example, you like person A because he/she's funny, pretty, etc. So what if you find someone prettier and funnier? Would you not like that person A anymore?

He has braces as well, just like me! I feel like many things put us together coincidentally. For example, I have sat with him in science for two terms, teachers always tells me to work in groups with him, we're always sitting near each other, etc.

I feel like I always want to talk to him when I'm near him. Make fun of him. Laugh at him. Talk about something. Just...something to keep us connected!

He's pretty smart as well! And a bit good lucking. So cute! The stuff he does without intentionally doing it would make you laugh. Seriously.

However, he has this best best friend called B. Whenever I'm near him, for example, just getting my stuff from the locker and he's right next to the locker, B would go like,'Aya she likes you. Go talk to her. You like him too right?' right in my face! I just ignore him. Though I can feel he's embarrassed.

There was this really cute thing he said one time in DT class. I put my food from Food Tech class on a chair and they had to put back the chairs, for some reason. I was at the toilet, so when I came back, he said this, and remember, the teacher was talking to the class about something. Hear how it goes, 'Your food's under the table.' I was so touched! BTW, don't think the food is on the floor. The DT desks have a small cabinet under the wood tables for putting thin materials such as paper, etc. I don't care who put it, but it was so sweet of him to tell me! He said it really loud in front of the whole class, so the teacher said something like having to talk over him and being impolite. Afterwards, I kept saying thanks and he was like, 'Your welcome. No problem.' (Psss, he speaks really poshly :)

The whole class knows I have a crush on him. For some reason, everyone knows when I have a crush on someone. Do I really make it so obvious?

My best friend, V, told me once that she had a conversation with him. Here it goes:

'Hey V. Does Vivien have a crush on me.'

'Ugh...I don't know. Ask her yourself!'

'Oh come on, just tell me.'

'Fine, then tell me if YOU like her. Then I'll tell you.'

'Yes, I have a crush on her too. Now tell me.'

'Hehe, not telling!'

Anyways, just releasing my feelings here, buddy. No need to make a big deal.

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