Monday, 3 February 2014

What You Should Do to Succeed

1. Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility for yourself and what you do is a great way to lead to success. When you do something wrong, stand up and admit it! Don't blame others. If you always think that it's others that's causing you to do the wrong thing, you'll blame them, get angry at them, etc. Eventually, you'll get yourself mad, and not even correct what you did wrong!

2. Build Up Your Knowledge

Study hard in schools, test, and exams! Dedicate your life on trying to become an even better person that you already are! If you are not in school, you can take extra classes whenever you can to learn more things for more job opportunities!

3. Create a Healthy Habit, Not a Bad One

Creating a healthy habit such as doing homework earlier than the due date instead of rushing the night before, working on regular sessions on the work your boss gave you instead of running late at night to finish it, and so on. This can ease your mind a bit more instead of stressing it so much on a single night just because you have to finish an essay or report...

4. Take Care of Your Body!

Taking care of your body is extremely important, even if you don't really want to succeed in your life. Eat healthy! For example, don't eat all that C.R.A.P:

C- Carbonated drinks
R- Refined sugars
A- Artificial food
P- Processed food

C.R.A.P. makes you unhealthy. Also, don't just eat healthy. Eat at a regular time. Don't eat your lunch at four o'clock on Tuesday and at twelve the next day! Find the best time your body is requesting for food! 

Sleep at the right time. To some of you out there, this means sleeping at 2am is NOT the right time!

5. Build Good Relationships

Be friends with a variety of people! Networking is a good way to move yourself up to a higher level and can get you to where you want in your life! Make friends with people who work or go to where you want for your job. Show them how hard-working you are! They'll be impressed and may even want to hire you! Plus, you can even make great friends. :)

6. Plan Your Future, Set Your Goal

What would you want to do when you grow up? What is your dream job? Be prepared for what you will be when you grow up and plan for the best. Planning helps you prepare for things in the future and improve self-control.

7. Control Your Bank Account

When you actually want to go for the job, you wouldn't want to have your bank account empty! Save up your money for future use. Avoid large debts. This might ruin your profile when you interview for a job. Think beyond your age. Going out all night for those spending all your money and having fun? Cut it out! Ah, and don't buy that $6,000 phone. Buy a cheap phone with the functions that you'll need, not a phone that can go on Facebook all day long...

I hope this can improve your life! Leave a comment if you have anything to say!

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