Wednesday, 6 May 2015

3 Things I Don't Like Since I Was a Kid

There are a few things that I have not been particularly fond of since I was very young. I will reveal them ALL to you today!

Fluffy Dolls
Do not ask me why I don't like these things, because there is no reason for that. I wasn't really able to find the comfort that teddy bears or fluffy dolls brought to me, unlike my other friends. Most of them would even have one by their bedside or hug one when they went to bed. 

I tried to see if, maybe, I could be like that as well and have a doll which would accompany until I grew up, but I quickly abandoned the teddy bear after a maximum period of one week (I think I still have it...).

Barbie Dolls
One thing I didn't really understand (and still don't) why girls would like to hold a Barbie doll and braid her hair and dress her in different clothes. I really don't! Someone once gave me a Barbie doll and I opened the packaging, but soon abandoned it (as well) because it was totally boring and I didn't find the point in what I was doing. 

P.S. I liked toy guns. I remember holding them and pretending to shoot at the wall at home all day long :) The one I liked the most had plastic bullets and shooting noises!!! My mom told me later on that she was afraid I wouldn't act like a girl even after I grew up. 

Coca Cola
This is weird for me to say this, but I REALLY dislike Coca Cola. This might be because we don't actually have any soda at home, which makes it really weird for me when I actually drink Coca Cola. I think it leaves a acidic taste in my mouth and I feel like my mouth is going to sizzle and burn....

If someone were to give me Coca Cola for free, I might give it to my friend or someone else but I would DEFINITELY NOT pay for a can of Coca Cola. 

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