Friday, 22 May 2015

How I Study for Exams/Tests

Some people find the idea of studying for tests or exams very burdening and frustrated with the fact that flipping through pages and pages of a text book takes a lot of time. Me too, that's why I invented my very own personalized way of revising!

This method works for most subjects. I always did this for math and I'm currently doing this for science as well (I'm really bad at science).

So basically I go back to the syllabus which is being tested and then I create a 'revision sheet'. I would put sub-headings and notes for that (maybe some pictures as well).

I soon realized that I am also, in a way, revising while I making this revision sheet and when I'm flipping through it. Double revision! :) :)

Here are some examples:
Displaying IMAG1881.jpg
Displaying IMAG1880.jpg
Displaying IMAG1879.jpg
Displaying IMAG1876.jpgDisplaying IMAG1877.jpg

What method do you use to study? :)

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