Friday, 22 May 2015

Big Bang MADE Concert HK

The kings are back! Big Bang is having their MADE concert in Hong Kong in the Asiaworld Expo on 12-14 June (Friday-Sunday) after 3 years!!! The excitement is real!

Unfortunately, (here comes the bad news; brace yourselves) I could not get the tickets :( No! Such a disappointment. The cheaper tickets (i.e. $488,$788) had all been grabbed by other people within a few hours. *Cries and hides in a corner*
'I didn't get Big Bang tickets...'

Ticket Prices
The prices for the tickets range from $488, $788, $988, $1,888, $1,388, to $1,888 as the most expensive. 

Seating Plan

Big Bang's New Comeback
The reason for their having world tour in Hong Kong this time is to promote their new comeback for 'Loser' and 'Bae Bae'. They have already held a world tour in Seoul as their first stop, as well as Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, and Wuhan. They will, later on, travel to Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka once again to bring the world tour to an end. 

Their new song 'Loser' won many awards in a matter of a few weeks and has topped the charts within days of their release.

'Bae Bae' was also released on the same day as 'Loser' and adds a fun yet sexual twist to their style. 

The idol group will release more songs on the first date of every month and releasing their full 'Made' album in September. The next song is to be released on 1 June. 

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEIR NEW SONG I THINK I WILL CRY NOW!!!Alright excuse my craziness but they are my baes and they all look pretty even if they're dressed up as girls. (Here you go) Bingu T.O.P is back with his very own bingu-ness showing fully on stage, Seungri looks a very hot anime character with his gold hair, GD looks like a gangster with suspenders, Taeyang looks pretty much the same except for a cool split in his eyebrows, and I don't think Daesung can't really see with his hair covering his 'already-very-small' eyes (I'm sorry, Daesung.) 
Daesung looks so cute here :)

And here's our ever changing T,O.P; from being hot and mature, cute,

...and now totally crazy with his 'crown-hair'. 

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